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tv   9 News Now at 5pm  CBS  June 11, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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masturbate. the man also described at a bowl game in texas sandusky's wife dotty entered the hotel room as jerry was trying to get him to perform oral sex. she said what are you doing in there? and sandusky abruptly stopped. the prosecutor asked why the boy never told anyone about the abuse. did you say anything? no. did you tell anybody? no. i was too scared to. and he testified he didn't want to lose all the other great gifts and opportunities sandusky offered him like being part of the penn state football family. in opening statements sandusky's defense attorney told the jurors that the accuser's testimony would be awful but not necessarily true. he suggested money is motivating the man. the trial is expected to last at least three weeks with penn state officials and family members of sandusky and the late coach joe paterno on the witness list. under cross-examination by the defense the accuser told jurors that he feels responsible for what happened to other victims later because he didn't come forward sooner.
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from bellefont, pennsylvania, i'm manuel gallegos. derek, back to you. >> thank you, very tough stuff to listen to. now sandusky's lawyer told the jurors it was not so odd that his client showered with kids because that was part of sandusky's culture and how his generation grew up. the man accused of intentionally driving a stolen car into a northwest washington office building was formally charged today with assault with intent to kill while armed and arson. police say charles morrell ball of new market, maryland, doused him and the car with gasoline before plowing into that building. andrea mccarren was inside the courtroom for today's arraignment and joins us live from d.c. superior court with more on the case. did we learn any more about why this occurred? >> reporter: we sure did, lesli. charles morrell ball shuffled into the courtroom in a white jump suit, his wrists and ankles shackled. the charging documents reveal a bizarre story and a man with a troubled history.
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32-year-old charles morrell ball told police his family was in danger and the frederick county authorities wouldn't do anything to help. after plowing through the glass of this office building at 1050 connecticut avenue northwest ball told the metropolitan police officers on the scene, "i want to speak to the fbi. i did this to get their attention." charging documents reveal that ball had doused the stolen jeep and himself with gasoline before reaching into his pocket for a lighter. as he flicked the lighter police snatched it away before he could ignite anything. as office workers returned to their damaged building today, another unusual piece of information emerged. when police contacted the owner of the stolen jeep, she told them bell had left her a voicemail message saying, "he was going to make people pay for their actions and said there will be bloodshed." that woman who has the same
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address as ball had filed a domestic violence order against him just hours before the crash. investigators believe ball selected a highly populated target during peak hours. 1050 connecticut avenue northwest is close to a busy metro stop, has 12 floors including a restaurant and is the former office of the secret service. ball has a lengthy criminal history including a spot on maryland's sex offender registry. he will be back in court june 28th. andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> thank you, andrea. culpeper police officer and murder suspect daniel harmon- wright is a free man tonight after posting bond late friday. the culpeper police department may soon face a civil suit because of harmon-wright's action and what some residents say is the department's failure to reign in a rogue cop. our peggy fox has been investigating this and brings us the latest.
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>> reporter: culpeper police officer and murder suspect daniel harmon-wright is a free man tonight. he made bail about 10 hours after a judge granted him bond on friday. the fact that he's free doesn't sit well with the wilson family. >> i think he's a threat. >> yeah, more very much so a threat. >> reporter: patrick wilson and his mother had a terrifying encounter with harmon-wright. were you afraid? >> i was scared. ly just woken up, not even wiped my eyes, came out of my room and had his gun in my face. it was terrifying. >> reporter: patrick's younger brother chris was on his way to school when somebody thought he looked suspicious and called police. >> i heard screech and looked back and saw a white car. i started running. >> reporter: you didn't know it was a cop. >> i ran. i was scamped. >> reporter: their mother tells 9 news now that harmon- wright pounded on her door waking her. she looked out the window and was terrified to see a police officer pointing a gun at her door. he demanded to search her home for chris and she fine let him
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in. he found only -- finally let him in. he found only patrick. >> when i woke up, i heard the banging, opened my door, wiped my eyes. as soon as i stepped out the cop has his gun in my face and tells me to get on the ground. >> reporter: harmon-wright is charged with murder and three other gun violences in the shooting death of -- violations in the shooting death of housewife and sunday schoolteacher patricia cook. the first two shots were nonfatal. the next five shots were the fatal shots fired at her wrangler as she tried to drive away. it appears the only punishment officer harmon write received for this incident was a letter of reprimand on january 9th. one month later harmon-wright would shoot and kill patricia could. christine wilson said if harmon- wright had been suspended for what happened at her house, maybe patricia cook would be alive today. the civil suit cook's husband gary cook has filed against harmon-wright may be expanded in scope according those attorney greg webb. webb tells 9 news now, "the
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more i learn about what occurred over the last six years and his history with the police department, it's mind boggling to me that his career was allowed to culminate in this horrific shooting." in culpeper, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> despite a recommendation that harmon-wright not even be hired because of extensive alcohol abuse, then police chief dan boring hired him anyway. back then harmon-wright's mom worked for boring. she's now been charged with forgery and lying trying to cover up for her son's record. boring is now a culpeper town council member. another very warm but nice day across our area, but we've got some big changes at way for tomorrow. meteorologist an annyhong is in for topper. >> right now we have a couple
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pop-up showers and thunderstorms out to the west of us hire on doppler. in the beltway -- here on doppler in. the beltway we're just looking at cloudy conditions. some of the showers are isolated just around west of us north of heartwood and just south of winchester. now what we're looking at is temperatures in the 80s right now, 84 in gaithersburg, 81 manassas, 87 in downtown. to the west of us is a cold front. that's coming through. we can see some really heavy rain by tomorrow afternoon, really impacting tomorrow's commute. tonight, though, cloudy, mild and muggy with an isolated shower or thunderstorm generally west of town, lows in the upper 60s to lower 70s. also concerns about some flash flooding tomorrow. we'll break down that forecast when i come back. sky 9 was over maryland's eastern shore where an unmanned navy aircraft crashed today. there were no reports of injuries. the navy says the 44-foot aircraft crashed during a routine maintenance flight. the accident happened near
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blood worth around noon about 20 miles west of salisbury there. has been a safety zone isn't around the marshy area. sky 9 over adelphi this morning where a driver was arrested after allegedly slamming a car into a house and then running away. it happened this morning on riggs road near willow lane and that family was home at the time, but the good news is no one was hurt. that car, though, did suffer some damage. police are checking to see whether that car might have also been stolen. a warrenton woman now charged with involuntary manslaughter in a crash that killed a woman and her dog. prince william county police say 52-year-old lori love ship was drunk when when she ran a red light and drove her suv into car at intersection of prince william parkway and dumfries road saturday night. a passenger in the car 57-year- old judith meyer was killed. the 58-year-old driver suffered life threatening injuries.
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a dog in the car was also killed. fairfax county police say a man killed over the weekend in reston died of blunt force trauma. saturday night police responded to a call about a fight on winterthur lane in reston. they found nothing but an hour later officers received a missing person's report that led them back to that scene. that is where they found 40- year-old bharat patel's body inside his apartment. patel had just opened a dunkin' donuts franchise a few blocks away. we have some new information on the cause of two accidents involving u.s. commerce secretary john bryson over the weekend. bryson reportedly suffered a seizure behind the wheel when he allegedly caused two crashes in los angeles saturday night. the 68-year-old was found alone unconscious in his car after the second crash. nobody was seriously hurt. >> we're obviously concerned about the incident, concerned about secretary bryson's health-
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related issues that played a role in this incident. >> bryson was cited for felony hit and run for leaving the scene of the first crash, but he's not been charged. his spokesperson says bryson spent the night in the hospital for observation and now is he back here in washington d.c. voters in northern virginia go to the polls tomorrow. they're casting ballots in the republican primary for the u.s. senate race. george allen is facing tea party leader jamie radtke, delegate bob marshall and minister e.w. jackson. allen appeared with governor bob mcdonnell at an event in ashburn this afternoon. the winner of tomorrow's race will take on democrat tim kaine in november. for a complete voters guide, log onto our website an allegation of groping during a skinny dipping prank over the weekend at university of maryland has divided students over whether to blame the victims. scott broom is live tonight at the university to explain. scott? >> reporter: well, there's been some pretty inflammatory language around this, some
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calling it slut swim. this was a group of young women overnight friday night into saturday morning that were taking a dip in one of the fountains here on campus. another group of people came and snatched their clothes and that allegation of groping turned this serious and got police involved. the mckeldon mall fountain at university of maryland is a tempting landmark on a hot college day but it's just as tempting for hijinx at night. >> someone stole our clothes and rain away with them. >> reporter: so no surprise that a group of women were stripped down and splashing just past midnight saturday morning when another group of students, men and women, snatched their clothes and ran. one of the victims claimed she was grabbed on the buttocks by one of the men sparking the sexual assault report. that sparked a debate on the university newspaper's website. slut swims one poster said. lol, had it coming said another
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which got sharp rebukes including this one why. did they have it coming, because they were females? they shouldn't have been having fun and should lock themselves in a room? i think people that stole their clothes were predators. women on campus today were divided, too. >> swimming in the fountain is something everyone is supposed to do before they graduate. i feel like you can't be oh, these girls are so scandalous. this is something that everyone wants to do. >> if you weren't doing it, you would have been fine. >> i don't think you deserve the trouble. i think when you do something like that, you're kind of not asking for it, but you know that risk is going to be there. >> reporter: so pranksters or predators, that's the question this incident raises. we'd like to know what you think on our website, also weigh in on this on our facebook page. reporting live at university of maryland scott broom, 9 news now. >> thank you, scott. could it be the stress of the job?
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coming up british prime minister david ram con mistakenly leaves his -- cameron mistakenly leaves his daughter behind in a pub? >> also ahead doctors say not enough zs could put you at risk for a stroke. >> but up next the number of buildings and damage by the out of control wildfires out west.
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be prepared for major headaches if you drive the beltway overnight in northern virginia. starting late tonight three lanes of the outer loop will be
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shut down from georgetown pike to the oak street overpass in mclean. there could also be complete closures for up to 30 minutes after midnight. the lanes are expected to reopen by 5 a.m. the closings are for paving and sign installation of the new express lanes and this construction is expected to last all week. wildfires in the western states are stretching crews to the max. >> 1 such fire near ft. collins, colorado, doubled in size in one day and continues to get bigger and bigger. here's theresa garcia. >> reporter: the fast moving fire in northern colorado is burning out of control destroying a mile of forest of hour. more than 100 homes and buildings in the rural area are gone and hundreds more are threatened. >> 0% contained. it's a very large unpredictable aggressive wildfire. >> reporter: dry windy conditions are fueling the fire that now covers around 60 square miles.
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around 1,800 people have been told to evacuate. the fire grew so fast some residents had just minutes to pack. >> it was moving extremely fast. i have never seen a fire up there move that fast. >> reporter: on sunday the fire forced a bride and groom to shorten their wedding ceremony so they could flee along with their guests. >> they got their i do's done and right after that we had to leave. >> reporter: the red cross is sheltering people and evacuated ranch animals including horses, sheep and alpacas. when wayne noels fled his home, i grabbed his cat and a wild baby raccoon. >> the kids found him and we're just taking care of him until he can get better. >> reporter: the military is helping fight the fire from the sky, but resources are limited because crews are also battling major fires in neighboring states. in the mountains of new mexico a huge fire has forced hundreds to evacuate. firefighters do not know when they'll be able to get either of these western wildfires
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under control. theresa garcia, cbs news. >> what's more, the thick smoke created by that colorado fire is blowing as far away as 200 miles east into nebraska. in new mexico a wildfire has now destroyed about 36 buildings and burned about 26,000 acres of land. hundreds of people have been ordered out of their homes. the fire is known as the little bear fire. crews are optimistic tonight. they say that's because the fire is moving toward an area where it just might be easier to fight. and the problem in florida's panhandle and around the miami is just the opposite, heavy flooding. roads were closed around pensacola throughout the weekend and some homes damaged. flooding left more than 5 feet of water on the floor of the escambia county jail. those storms also dumped 4 inches of rain in less than two hours around miami. some cars floated down the street, but nothing like that around hire, guys. >> yeah. at least not right now, but it could be pretty interesting
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tomorrow. >> we've got some pretty good rains coming this way tomorrow, especially in the afternoon where flash flooding is a possibility in some local spots where some of that storm could produce heavy rainfall. here's a look at radar where you can see we've got mainly cloudy skies, came areas of scattered showers right now, generally west of town. we also see some pop-up thunderstorms here and there, but overall should be pretty uneventful. now we have cloudy conditions in downtown, temperature 87 degrees, dew point around 61. so we are feeling the sticky air out there. currently it's 83 in gaithersburg, 81 for manassas, culpeper 75, fredericksburg in the lower 80s and annapolis at 85 degrees. now what we have going on is basically coming in from the west is a cold front already seeing some showers and severe thunderstorms out toward the tennessee and memphis area. what we'll see is a cold front come through tomorrow and i think especially in the afternoon things will really get very wet around here and i
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think we could see pretty good rainfall. it will be unsettled and cooler, but tonight we're looking at just an isolated thunderstorm, maybe a shower, showers and storms really pick up for tuesday. you'll need your umbrellas for sure. flash flooding is a possibility and then we got drier air moving in for wednesday. it will really give us some leaf once these storms come through. the -- relief once these storms come through. the 9 futurecast, tonight maybe a couple showers, kind of isolated, otherwise looking at some more showers picking up especially by tuesday afternoon and then by late tuesday night all this stuff pushes out of here. i think these rains can really be heavy, especially in the afternoon. national weather service not issuing any flash flood warnings yet but are toshing about the possibility closer to tomorrow -- talking about the possibility closer to tomorrow. we're looking at maybe 1 1/2 inches by tomorrow night, but locally some places may get 2
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inches of rain, the bull's eye around baltimore. tonight cloudy, mild, muggy, isolated shower or storm possible, temperatures upper 60s to lower 70s, in manassas 69 degrees, leesburg around 68. then tomorrow morning cloudy and muggy conditions, grab an umbrella, scattered showers possible, temperatures in the 70s. for the afternoon cloudy, muggy, showers and symptoms, heavy rain possible, highs upper 70 -- storms, heavy rain possible, highs upper 70s, 79 warrenton, lower 80s in downtown and around 79 degrees for annapolis. here's your next seven days. breezy wednesday, lower 80s once we get through those storms, friday cooler and 79 degrees with chance for a shower. friday is lower 80s. into the weekend and father's day weekend, hey, it looks pretty good, lower 80s for saturday and sunday, only a chance for a shower on father's day. if you want to take dad golfing or brunch, i think it would be just fine, monday in the lower 80s. so tomorrow bring out the umbrellas, rain gear.
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i think tomorrow's evening commute could get messy for some folks. >> now we know. coming up five years after being diagnosed with breast cancer good morning america anchor robin roberts announces she's now dealing with a new health battle. >> what if your child's graduation speaker told him or her, you're not special? in fact, he said it nine times. up next this english teacher explains what he meant.
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you've been nudged, cajoled and fawned over and called sweetie pie, but do not get the idea you're anything special because you're not. selflessness is the sweetest thing you can do for your. the sweetest joys of life come then only with the recognition that you're not special. >> so is every high school graduate just a little special? a blunt graduation speech with mixed reactions tonight. massachusetts english teacher david mccullough, jr. told wesley high school grads nine times you're not special. a lot of folks love the honesty. others call it a downer and wrong for the occasion. david mccullough explained his
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message on cbs this morning. >> well, i've been teaching high school kids for 26 years and in that time one comes to see what kids need to be told. these are wonderful kids and one grows very fond of them and proud of them, but that doesn't mean you should indulge them with things, with platitudes or false encouragement. i wanted to give them the notion that with their privilege comes responsibility. >> mccullough said he thought he was just talking to the graduates and had no idea that video of this speech would garner all this attention and i say welcome to 2012, my friend. another thing getting attention people in great britain are buzzing about how prime minister david cameron and his wife samantha left their 8-year-old daughter behind in a pub after having lunch. downing street confirms little nancy was left for about 15 minutes that the pub before her
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dad, the prime minister, came back to pick her up. it all happened a couple months ago. cameron went home in one car thinking nancy was in the other car with all the other kids. well, mrs. cameron says she assumed nancy was with her father. >> you got to talk. coming up two u.s. college students describe how they survived being trapped for nine days in a snowstorm in the new zealand wilderness. >> your risk of stroke may be connected to how much sleep you get. i'm theresa garcia in los angeles. >> but up next two council members out, a mayor under investigation. where does the d.c. government go from here? we'll get some answers when we come back.
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we now know when that special election will be held to replace kwame brown as d.c. council chair following his guilty pleas on fraud charges. the d.c. board of elections says it will happen november 6th, the same day as the general election. petitions for candidacy will be available on this friday for all those who may be interested. so as many d.c. residents are still sort of scratching their head wondering what the heck happened to our city government, we turn to a man who just may have some answers on that sun. bill light foot, a former at large d.c. council member and lawyer and long time city resident and active if politics even if he's no longer on the
5:30 pm
council. bill, good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> what went wrong with these fellows who came in with such promise? >> i think it gets to your head after a while. it's partly ego. it's the power of the position. you believe you can do no wrong and you're entitled to certain benefits that ordinary citizens are not entitled to. if you walk into a room and every time they call you the honorable and people stand up and applaud, you begin to believe you're different than everybody else. >> the thing that gets to me is there seemed to be a desire to live larger than your public salary would allow. harry thomas bought an suv with the money he stole. you know, kwame brown faked that loan application so he could get a fancy boat. >> his boat was called bulletproof. just imagine that. he thought he was. look, i don't criticize kwame per se in the sense that i think inside he's a decent guy, but he made a terrible mistake thinking he was above the law
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and that does happen to politicians. i think it's happened to at least two on the council right now. >> and the mayor still under investigation. let me ask you how much is that job sort of interim chair worth? >> if you want to become mayor, it might be a great place to be and the speculation is vince may have to step down at some point and whoever is acting chair then becomes acting mayor and it looks like right now either phil mendelson or vincent orange will become acting chairman and certainly vincent orange has expressed an interest in becoming mayor and although mr. mendelson has not expressed it, he may decide it's important to become mayor. >> marion barry, everybody on the council wants to be mayor. the word is that mendelson does have the votes do. you think he's the best man for the job? >> at this time i think he is. phil mendelson has no cloud or suspicion about his integrity. he's known clout the entire city. he's gotten votes -- throughout
5:32 pm
the entire city. he's gotten votes throughout the wards, is well respected by blacks, whites, latinos. >> kwame brown was on the short list to be the next mayor. that list is really short now, isn't it? who else could there be? >> among the sitting city council members i would say muriel bowser, phil mendelson and jack evans. jack has expressed publicly he would like to become mayor. >> he's run before a couple times. is d.c. now speaking of jack evans perhaps on the verge of its first ever white mayor? >> we came close once before with dave clark. dave clark is very similar to phil mendelson in the sense that i think they're very progressive, known throughout the city and they went everywhere. phil goes everywhere. jack evans has been very successful representing ward 2, but he's not yet reached out into the rest of the city. if he can start to do that, i think people will vote for him. i think black people will vote for somebody who is going to provide quality education, run our schools and keep our city
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safe. >> right now have high ethical standards. >> that's no. 1 right now. >> great to klatt with you as always. thank -- chat with you as always. thank you so much. doctors often tell to us get more sleep, but now there is a particularly good reason for it. a new study from the university of alabama at birmingham finds getting too little sleep can put older and middle aged people at risk for stroke. theresa garcia has the details. >> reporter: dale beck wakes up extra early so he can get to the gym and that means he's only sleeping five or six hours a night. >> getting up early and working out has helped me keep that zest going throughout the day. >> reporter: but a new study shows people over 45 who regularly sleep less than six hours are at higher risk for developing stroke symptoms. those can include a set of numbness in the body or a loss of vision. >> we live in such a 24 hour culture and the emphasis is on
5:34 pm
improving your diet, getting more exercise, but we also forget the last thing which is get some good sleep as well. >> reporter: the study's designers were surprised to find the people in their group did not have the usual risk factors for stroke. their weight was normal and they were at a low risk for sleep apnea. >> researchers are planning to watch the study group another five years. they want see if participants go beyond the early symptoms and suffer actual strokes. >> if that's the case, then we can target the sleep through modifying quality of their sleep, the duration of their sleep. >> reporter: dale beck says for now he values his workouts more than the sleep he's losing. >> makes me think about it, but if i don't get my exercise, i'm a hire risk for something else. >> reporter: research -- higher risk for something else. >> reporter: researchers say seven or eight hours a night is healthier and if you're having trouble, ask your doctor for help. good morning america anchor
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robin robert is facing a new health crisis. she survived breast cancer, but now she's announced she will undergo chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant after being diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome or mds. roberts says the blood and bone marrow disease is a direct result of her breast cancer treatment. >> and the reason i am sharing this with everybody now is because later today i begin what's known as pretreatment. i'm going to have a pic line in my arm and i didn't want you to be concerned if you saw a bandage tomorrow and it's going to be there to draw blood that has to be monitored regularly and also to administer drugs later today and for the week and for a period of time and it's all to prepare me for a bone marrow transplant. >> roberts said her sister is a perfect bone marrow match and she's going to be her donor.
5:36 pm
she'll remain on the air through her treatment but will obviously have to take some time off after it's done and we wish her all the very best. >> yeah, we, do love roin roberts, great lady. some protestors today held what they call a new orleans style funeral procession right here in downtown d.c. no one had actually died, though. this was a protest against pepco's $42.5 million rate hike request. the protestors delivered a casket to today's public service commission hearing and are calling on the commission to reject the rate hike. federal workers took part in major effort to help some hungry people in our area today. the capital area food bank hosted the fourth annual feds feed families food drive. try saying that one fast. as part of the program federal workers delivered nonperishable produce in dedicated boxes to their districts. last year they received 5,000 pounds of food.
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coming up a fire that destroyed robert de niro's new york apartment and if you're not careful it, could happen to you. >> up next a stunt devil stuns drivers on a busy highway. what is he doing? >> don't forget we're always on stay with us. i want to know what happens next. we'll be right back.
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caught on tape a dare devil in china showing off some moves on a busy highway. do not try this. an irate drive traveling behind this guy captured the stunt on video camera. he appears to be controlling the car with one hand while kind of hanging outside. what the heck? who is pressing on the gas? he does it over and over again as well. the man filming the stunt said the drive had a blatant lack of respect -- the driver had a blatant lack of respect for others and a blatant lack of fear, too i guess. >> i wonder if somebody else is in that driver's seat. >> there must have been. two college students from wisconsin are talking about their week long ordeal trapped in the freezing new zealand wilderness. >> aleck brown and erica clintworth of told their friends they wanted to relax in the hot springs in national park and study for finals, but they were trapped in a snowstorm nine days before finally just hiking their way
5:41 pm
across a river to safety. the students say they were never really in any danger, but some rescue workers recall criticizing them for being unprepared and not at least checking l. >> clearly we were pretty comfortable where we were and survived it no problem. we had all the right gear to get through it and have clean freshwater and stay warm and dry. >> it is frustrate. there's a lot of work gone -- frustrating. there's a lot of work gone into this operation, the use of the helicopter. >> you know you just wanted to miss finals. the students heated themselves up in hot pools and survived on one biscuit and jelly a day. >> i don't know, finals versus nine days in the wilderness? >> i'd rather have finals. when apple talks, users listens, coming up the big announce. by the tech giant. >> but first tens of thousands of vehicles recalled, more up next. mashed potatoes and gravy. mac 'n cheese...
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mashed potatoes and gravy! mac 'n cheese. [ male announcer ] now you don't have to pick a side. buy any kfc 10 pc meal or larger and choose two more large sides free. today tastes so good.
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in our consumer alert chrysler expands the recall of its jeep liberty vehicle. the american car manufacturer added another 137,000 its 2006 and 2007-month-olds for the recall. a lower control -- models for the recall. a lower control arm in the rear suspension can rust, break and cause a possible crash bringing the total number of recalled jeeps liberties suvs to nearly 350,000. chrysler will replace the parts for free. about 800,000 cryofreeze and arctic zone ice packs are being recalled. the gel can leak from the plastic pack if damaged. if you ingest it in large. , you can get pretty sick. the consumer product safety commission says stop using this product immediately and for more on the recall and how you can get a refund go to our website did you see this video
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from a fire from robert de niro's new york apartment? it reminds us all about a particular danger in our laundry rooms. lint in his clothe drier reportedly sparked a fire causing severe damage. the experts at consumer reports say these kinds of fires are a very real harvard, but you can keep this from happening -- hazard, but you can heap this from happening to you. first use metal -- keep this from happening to you. first use metal drier ducts, clean your drier often and clear any visible lint each time you use your drier. clear inside, behind and underneath your drier and when you wash clothes that maybe stained with gas, oils or cleaning agents, line dry them instead of sending them for a tumble. apple announced some pretty new features and new products today they hope continue to change the technology game. among the highlights? a new macbook pro laptop with high resolution retina display
5:47 pm
that starts at nearly $2,200 that's just the base model. software updates to your iphone or ipad that let you date your facebook page by talking to your phone and an enhanced siri operation with different languages and maps offering turn by turn directions. what do you think, guys? >> $2,200? does it fly? is it bulletproof? that's a lot of money for a laptop. >> let's talk about that weather situation, hot and humid and tomorrow we might get hammered a bit? >> we've got big changes coming this way by tomorrow. i think we'll see pretty good rains falling. right now pop-up showers generally south of west of us. now generally cloudy conditions, temperature 87 and it does feel sticky because the do want is in the lower 60s. the wind -- the dew point is in the lower 60s. the winds are picking up in the south around 15 miles per hour. elsewhere it's around 78 degrees in leesburg, 83 hagerstown, 75 culpeper,
5:48 pm
fredericksburg 80, susquehanna 80 degrees and annapolis 85 degrees. the changes coming from the west. we do have a cold front approaching for tomorrow already causing some severe weather weather in parts of the rock into nashville. right now we'll see showers move in by overnight starting in from the west and by early tomorrow morning. so expecting some unsettled conditions and it will be cooler eventually, but for tonight it will be an isolated storm, maybe a shower west of town. tomorrow we're looking at widespread showers and thunderstorms, flash flooding football because some locally heavy rain is probably very likely in some of those storms and we have drier air moving in for wednesday. here's the futurecast. so tomorrow morning some scattered showers for that morning commute. don't forget your umbrellas. by afternoon it really picks up and you can see yellows and oranges with the more moderate to heavy rain fall. tomorrow night it will impact much of the evening commute, flash flooding a concern,
5:49 pm
especially in the d.c. metro area. so please keep that in mind, no flash flood watches have been posted yet. tonight cloudy, mild and muggy with an isolated shower or storm to the west of us, lows in the upper 60s. tomorrow we'll get up to around lower 80s, showers and storms likely. it is a yellow weather alert day because of the wet weather, but then wednesday green alert because it's good, partly cloudy, highs around 80, thursday 79 degrees, only a chance for share. here's your next -- for a shower. here's your next seven days, looking pretty nice, lower 80s for both saturday and sunday, only a chance for a shower. monday we should stay in the lower 80s. so tomorrow don't forget your umbrellas and be careful for those commutes. now 9 sports with kristen berset, the best sports in town. >> the washington redskins have wrapped up three weeks of organized team activities which means no pads, no tackling. today they start mandatory
5:50 pm
minicamp. joining me in studio to break down what we've seen so far redskins beat reporter graham pahlsson, frank hanrahan. want to start with you. we have as the media have only been able to see rg3 a few times. what kind of assessment can you give us about rg3's growth so far? >> as a nontalent evaluator the speed certainly checked out. watching practices you can see he moves quicker than most quarterbacks and his arm strength is tremendous. he'll be running one way, throw across field the other. he's going to continue to progress as he learns this game. he's 60 to 70% comfortable a week ago with his offense. that's what this is about, mentally allowing him to start training camp, being able to sprint, not asked to take baby steps and think about what he's doing. >> we've been talking the last few weeks and pretty much all positive about rg3, but, frank, is there anything you can criticize or pick out about him? >> i don't want to play debbie
5:51 pm
downer, but just the overexposure. it seems like every magazine i pick up, he's on the coverage every commercial it's him. that's fine, but he's got to produce. there's a lot of pressure. i'm curious to see how he responds. this is his rookie season. there are going to be bumps and bruises, but at the end of the year will we see him on the star track or will we say there was too much exposure at the start? that's the only thing i'm really concerned about right now? >> anything that stuck out to you, g.p.? >> not really. he's been a model citizen off the field and the practices we're watching now are really designed for him in every way to succeed. anything he does in a t-shirt and shorts he's going to look really good doing it. you're seeing the practices now. you're doing drills, running over bags. there's nothing he's going to do right now that will scare coaches. they know everything about him on the field. we'll see as time passes whether or not he can have that success, but right now he's just enjoying this ride and the experiences and learn this
5:52 pm
offense. >> minicamp mandatory this week. what are you hoping to see from him and the skins in general? >> just continue to grasp the scheme, continue to stay healthy and to show the veterans you are there to work. as frank said, they're seeing him on jay leno walking down the aisles and seeing him on all the magazine coves. they want to see him play football and if he shows them he just wants to be one of the guys, that will be a success. >> frank, your thoughts? >> i almost forgot he was on jay leno. it comes back to leadership. the quarterback is and it's so cliche, but he is the most important part of your team. if he can gather confidence of the veterans moving forward, sky is the limit, but that's the thing, setting the tone early. that's what minicamp and training camp is for. he's got to get that contract signed so he's there day one to know i'm here all about business. >> we'll get to see a little more of him this week during minicamp. we'll be out there tomorrow. thanks so much for coming in. back over to you guys. >> thanks so much.
5:53 pm
still ahead tonight 9 wants to know about the safety at a local hotel pool. we'll tell you who are investigation uncovered. >> but first a woman and her four kids. convicted felon kwame brown, does phil mendelson have the votes to become the second ever white chairman of the d.c. council and perhaps the city's first white mayor? >> but first a woman and her four children with nowhere to go, how a shelter house came to their rescue next in today's hero central.
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5:56 pm
a nonprofit in fairfax is on a mission to save and empower families in need of some affordable housing. >> it is called shelter house and it helps families escape the clutches of homelessness. jc hayward salutes shelter house in this week's hero central. >> i wasn't able to keep up with the rent. i got maybe a month behind. >> reporter: karen hunley faced eviction last spring. her job had been downgraded to part time giving her a smaller paycheck. she and her four children suddenly became homeless. >> you are absolutely embarrassed when this happens. sure, you are. who wouldn't be? you know, you feel oh, my
5:57 pm
goodness, i can't take care of my family. what am i going to do? you feel bad, but this program help med to not focus on that -- helped me to not focus on that but to focus on what to do to get out of it. >> reporter: the katheryn k hanley family shelter gave her a second chance. she and her family were provided with the basics, housing and food. >> when you come in a place like this, it's already, you know, you're thinking what are my friends going to think? what is the impact on my kids, you know? and sitting down talking to them, of course, they were concerned and when i got here, the concerns left, so to speak, because the staff, they never made me feel less dignified than what i am. >> reporter: the shelter in fairfax gave karen's children a safe place where volunteers assist with after school tutoring. ronald redmond is the board president of shelter house. >> shelter house certainly
5:58 pm
helps to try and minimize the impact that children in our shelters feel through bringing in groups to read stories to the kids, bringing in groups that help to put together backpacks and school supplies. >> reporter: meantime karen continued working at her job. >> you have to give to get. so i'm saving. here's your resource and together that's more for me. >> reporter: the shelter house staff helped karen keep track of her newly established savings. >> we have a strict program that we focus on employment, finances and identify housing. >> reporter: the goal for shelter house clients is to save 70% of their income. >> you're not here to live, you're here to plan. >> reporter: karen's plan worked. 26 days later she was able to sign the lease on an affordable housing unit in manassas. i'm jc hayward, 9 news now. >> the katherine k. hanley family shelter is a rapid rehousing program. the program provides the first month's rent and deposit for
5:59 pm
its clients. the family shelter is one of six shelter house programs and if you want more information, go to this is 9 news now. did a high profile washington hotel ignore health inspector's closure orders and put unsuspecting hotel visitors at risk? well in, this 9 wants to know investigation reporter russ ptacek has the documents that has marriott in some pretty hot water. what's going on? >> this is the actual memorandum from the d.c. health department that discusses closure at the marriott park hotel pool. the health officials declared what they call an imminent health hazard, but according to this document, once the inspectors walked out the door, the guests went right back in the pool. marriott markets the 1,300 room wardman park hotel on woodley road in northwest d.c. as one of washington's premier


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